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Philips SHE1350 Earphone - BLACK

0700044A Compatible dengan: All device with 3.5mm jack

Product Description

A basic pair of earphones that not only has a brilliant sound quality but also an ergonomic design is a must-have for every music lover. The pair of Philips SHE1350 Wired In Ear Earphones Without Mic is one among such pairs that is essential for anyone who loves listening to music on the go. It has been designed by Philips in a manner such that it is of optimum use to you on a regular basis.

Philips SHE1350 Features

Bass Beat Vents

Equipped with bass beat vents that channelize the air movement in order to reproduce a superior quality sound with deeper bass, the rich pair of Philips SHE1350 Wired In Ear Earphones Without Mic is advanced in its functionality.

Powerful Speaker Driver

The pair of Philips SHE1350 Wired In Ear Earphones Without Mic is equipped with a 15-mm speaker driver that delivers an unparalleled sound quality. It helps the pair to reproduce sound that is crisp and clear so that you can make the most of it. Moreover, the sound generated is also free from any kind of distortions as well.


Being compatible with most smartphones and MP3 players, this in-ear pair from Philips is a great pick for everyone who loves listening to music while traveling. The 3.5 mm connector makes it convenient to plug it in to your audio device and enjoy listening to your favourite play list.


Featuring a classic look, this pair of Philips earphones looks sleek and elegant. It comes in the classy black shade and has a compact body. The ear plugs are such that it fit in an appropriate fashion and stay secure. It is not only easy to carry the lightweight earphones, but also to store it.

Audio Quality

Well-known for delivering a balanced sound quality, this pair of Philips in-ear earphones has its impedance and sensitivity rated at 16-Ohm and 100-dB respectively. It has a maximum power input of 50 mW. All these along with the frequency response range of 16 – 20000 Hz reproduces an exceptional audio quality.

Comfort of Use

What makes this pair of Philips SHE1350 Wired In Ear Earphones Without Mic a must-have for music-lovers is that it is super-comfortable and portable. It features a convenient shape and uses premium quality materials for designing the ear plugs so that there is no issue with the fitting.

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